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All photos found here, scans of photos and documents, translations and transcriptions, research and writing, unless it is otherwise noted, is the work of Tara Burgett and comes from the Fabry family archive. Please give credit to “Tara Burgett/”. Contact at

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  1. Anonymous

    Tara- My mother Barbara Atwell
    dated Vladimir for 5 years between the years of 1951-1956. She worked for the UN after graduating from Barnard College. She lived in the Bronx and spoke fondly of her time with Vlad. He sent her beautiful gifts from his missions around the world. She met my father who was in graduate school at Yale in 1956 and married him 6 moths later. Vlad sent her gorgeous Czechoslovakian crystal for a wedding gift which are now in my possessions since her passing. My dad met Vlad at some point after they married and Vlad apparently told he was surprised she had jilted him (a first?) but was happy she had met and married such a wonderful man. They both were devastated when he died in the plane crash. My father recalls comforting her after she heard the sad news. I know she loved him deeply and she adored hosting parties at his apartment for writers, authors and other intellectuals. “Salon” is what she called it. She happily hosted and served perfect martinis! Please feel free to contact me

  2. Karen Kramer-Ley

    Wow Tara. I had not thought of Vlado and Mom for awhile and thought I would take a look again. Nice to see my Mom’s picture! As I wrote to you I think, i am thrilled that my mother had this early time of romance and adventure, besides life with my Dad, whom she found love with and created me! It is so odd how little we may know of our parents as individuals, if they don’t share the stories. Sad that both Vlado and MaryLiz were taken from this world too early, but they did contribute to the world and experienced joys. Thanks again for publishing the letters.- Karen


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