A Day in the City

SeattleMay2014 089
For my friends, a few photos from a recent day in Seattle with my son. Here’s our iconic Space Needle with some native wildflowers in bloom.
SeattleMay2014 098

SeattleMay2014 096
Lovely views from the top of the Needle of Elliot Bay and downtown. Only an hour before this there was a tempest. We had taken the Monorail to Westlake Center, with the plan to walk through the Pike Place Market and down to Ivar’s on the waterfront for lunch (they make the best fish and chips), but the clouds were dark and moving fast so we stayed put and ended up having a really wonderful lunch, with a view, at The Athenian Inn. The oysters were delicious!
SeattleMay2014 043
Here are some photos from the Pacific Science Center exhibit “SPY: The Secret World of Espionage”, which was the main attraction for myself and my son. This photo is of a cipher machine, for sending and decoding secret messages, like the one that was taken from the Albertina crash site in Ndola.
SeattleMay2014 075
Here is the identification card of Allen Dulles, who was C.I.A. Director from 1953 until November 29, 1961.
SeattleMay2014 046
Marlene Dietrich sings for the OSS!
SeattleMay2014 084
The original Drone – spy pigeons! The camera and harness is just unbelievable.
SeattleMay2014 041
There was so much to see at this exhibit, but the best part was getting up close to the pickaxe that was used to killed Leon Trostky – it must be seen in person to be appreciated. That is not Trotsky’s skull, by the way.
SeattleMay2014 053

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