Vlado and Bambi

When I first began to sort through the family papers, I found a little stuffed “Bambi”, with a necklace around it’s neck, and a bright green four-leaf clover with a tiny red ladybug hanging from the chain. Then I found the photo of Vlado securing Bambi to the hood ornament of his Buick, which I use as my header on this blog. The Fabry family called themselves “the four-leaf clover”, because they knew they were lucky; and in the books of Olga Fabry, I found hundreds of four-leaf clovers, falling out of the pages. This totally charmed me, because I love to collect four-leaf clovers, too. I’ve been wearing the necklace ever since I found it, and I keep Bambi on my desk.
This is a photo of Dr. Pavel Fabry with Bambi:
Fabry Archive - Selected Photographs (191)
This is a letter to Lucy T. Briggs, who gave Bambi to Vlado – I don’t know who she is yet, but she gave him the gift before she’d even met him (click image to read):
Vlado Letter 1
I found these other pictures of Bambi being displayed with the photo, right after I took almost the same photo.
Fabry Archive - Selected Photographs (202)
Vlado photo with Bambi

9 thoughts on “Vlado and Bambi

  1. makagutu

    Interesting letter. They must have been kinda close with each other for him to talk so freely in the letter. We wait for more

    1. fabryhistory Post author

      There are more letters to and from her, so yes, I am working to figure out the relationship and will explain later. Consider this an amuse-bouche.

        1. fabryhistory Post author

          I know 🙂 I like that Vlado wrote this letter in the new Le Corbusier UN building in New York, while it was still being constructed.

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