More Photos from UNEF Gaza and the Suez Canal Clearance Project

From the personal collection, here are just a few more photos from two of Vlado’s most important missions: UNEF and the Suez Canal Clearance Project. I am not able to identify the people Vlado is with, but I am hoping that will change when I make my first visit to the United Nations Archive in New York in a few months, to do further research. I have a lot of hard work to do before I even get there, but I am happy for the challenge. Thanks to all the good friends who encouraged me to take this step, I’m looking forward to sharing some of my discoveries here.
Vlado in Egypt II

Vlado in Egypt

Vlado in Egypt III

Vlado UNEF




Vlado UNEF V


Suez Canal Clearance 1957 III

Suez Canal Clearance 1957 II

Suez Canal Clearance 1957 IV

Suez Canal Clearance 1957

3 thoughts on “More Photos from UNEF Gaza and the Suez Canal Clearance Project

  1. Anna Bergman

    It’s just fascinating to think about who would have been taking these photos of the meetings….were they meant to be official….. Any idea who the women coming out of the tent were?

  2. Anna Bergman

    These are just incredible Tara! When you speak to the archivists at the UN please be sure to tell them about all of the material that YOU have. I don’t know how it works for them to get copies but I’m sure they would be very interested. What treasures!

    1. fabryhistory Post author

      I passed on the link to my blog to the UN archivists, to let them know what I was doing – it would be great if I could contribute some of this material to their collection.

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